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Individual support on
the run.

Lean on us works together with international aid organizations and is committed to helping refugees in special emergencies in a non-bureaucratic, voluntary and purely donation-based manner. Our focus is on women, children and minors traveling alone.

what we do
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Everyone needs support in a world that is coming apart at the seams. We at lean on us stand by the side of particularly vulnerable people on the run. We work in a sponsorship model in which each of us advises and supports people intensively and on a long-term basis at eye level. We see ourselves as permanent contact persons who are available online or on site around the clock.


We organize legal assistance and medical care, connect to local organizations, offer comfort and try to find an individual solution for every problem.

what we do.

EH2A6333 Kopie.jpg
Lisa Voss Erzieherin, Vorständin

Lisa Voß

Educator, board member


Betty Krause*

History student (M.A.), coordinator
* Name modified for protection


Viviane Czok-Gökkurt 

Cultural scientist, board member

Anna Engel, Sozialarbeiterin, Koordinatorin auf Lesbos, Name zum Schutz geändert

Anna Engel*

Social worker, coordinator Lesbos
* Name modified for protection

Monika Knorr, Steuerberaterin, Kassenprüferin

Monika Knorr

Tax advisor, treasurer

Malina Ehrmann, Erzieherin, Koordinatorin

Educator, coordinator

Schmuckelement der Website, hellgelber geschwungener Pinselstrich

who we are.

who we are

Malina Ehrmann

how to help
Schmuckelement der Website, Hellrosa Pinselstrich

how to help.

Private donations

Your support matters.

With your financial support, we can provide targeted, lifesaving aid to refugees.

Business partners

Businesses are also welcome to support us in any way they can. This could be a call for donations amongst staff or customers, sale of products with a percentage of the profits being donated, yearly donations or even donations in kind.

Schmuckelement der Website, blauer kreisrunder Pinselstrich


We also always appreciate the support of motivated volunteers who would like to donate their time and skills to us. This could be in the form of translations or support planning and executing events.

Become part of the Lean on us team!

"Lean on us is a young organization that acts dynamically, quickly and straightforwardly where it is urgently needed. Above all, the focus here is also on individual cases and people. This is rarely found in organizations. I find the personal care and support that lean on us provides very admirable. Likewise, the motivation and commitment of the team members are remarkable."


Patrick Münz

"Great performance of super dedicated and passionate women. They provide not only materially, but through human warmth and distribute not randomly, but through personal relationship."

Bina Nöhr Fair Fashion Baige th Label

Bina Nöhr
Fair Fashion „Baige the Label”

"Many ask themselves how they can help in such a way that as much of it as possible reaches the refugees who need it most. Especially on a human level. Lean on us is committed differently, helps directly and individually, gives security, orientation and attention and thus a piece of human dignity back. Help that really gets there. That impresses me very much."

Kai Lentrodt Foto byNilsSchwarz

Kai Lentrodt

It is an important social task to always see refugees as people with their own individual needs and to support them in a way that really helps. That's why I support lean on us.

Panayotis Nikolaidis.jpg

Panayotis Nikolaidis

our supporters.

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our partners.

Partner: Logo #leavenoonebehind
Partner: Logo Hoffnung leben e.V.
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